No Sound from Wired Headphones

July 3rd, 2019

Below are the step-by-steps instructions to troubleshoot this issue.  Each of the these steps is a possible solution.  Make sure to check the sound from the headphones after each step is completed.

  1. Confirm that the headphones are firmly plugged into the headphone jack or connector of the device.  Try to unplug and re-plug the headphones to your audio device to ensure it's properly connected and there are no loose connections.  If your audio device has more than one headphone jack available, make sure the headphones are NOT connected to an audio-in or microphone jack.
  2. Verify the source device is not muted and the volume is turned up to an appropriate level for listening.  
    • If your TCL Headphones have a volume control, we recommend setting the volume on the source to a high level and use the volume controls on the headphones to adjust the volume to the desired listening level.
  3. Check the cable to confirm there is not a break in the shielding or a serious kink in the cord that may be a sign of an internal breakage.
  4. Test the headphone from another source device to confirm the headphones are issue and not the source device being used.

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